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I-8c: Student Performance on AP Examinations, by Discipline and Broad Academic Field, 2015

* The value for each broad academic field (these fields are indicated with double arrows) is a weighted average of the mean student scores on the exams taken in each of the disciplines composing that field. The mean for each discipline was weighted by the number of students taking that exam, necessary because within each field, particularly the humanities, some exams were taken by a far greater number of students than others.

The means for “Standard” languages and literatures other than English (LOTE) exams were calculated for those students who received most of their LOTE training in U.S. schools. These students did not indicate on their answer sheet that they regularly speak or hear the foreign language of the exam or that they had lived for one month or more in a country where the language is spoken.

Source:The College Board, “Student Score Distributions: AP Exams, May 2015,”, accessed 7/12/2016.

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