Humanities Indicators
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Other Humanities at Two-Year Colleges

The survey asked for details about the four largest humanities disciplines at community colleges (English, Languages Other than English, history, and philosophy), and asked respondents to provide information about all remaining humanities courses (including general courses in the field) in a residual "other humanities" category.

Key Findings:

  • In fall of 2015, between 390- and 450-thousand community college students took a general humanities course or a course in a humanities discipline that could not be studied separately as part of this pilot.
  • Approximately 20,000 humanities faculty taught courses of this kind.
  • The share of institutions offering such courses ranged from 67% to 78%.
  • Students enrolled in these courses represented approximately 6% of all community college students enrolled for credit.
  • Among students enrolled in "other humanities" courses at community colleges, 3%–5% were dually enrolled high school students.

For information and figures describing how the "other humanities" category compares to other disciplines, see the overview and reports about faculty, students, and high school students, as well as institutional differences in the sector.